BBTV in Mozambique

In Mozambique the BBTV was first officially reported in June 2016 in a commercial farm located in Guija District and in a small farm in Chokwe district, Gaza Province, Southern Mozambique. Disease was reported to occur in private commercial farms and farmers’ fields (IPPC 2016). Virus occurrence was confirmed by PCR diagnostics.

Prior to this report, an interception of BBTV was reported in Northern Mozambique close to Malawi in a research farm (Gondwe et al., 2007). Disease occurrence was confirmed based on the symptoms but the couple of infected matts were reported have been eradicated.

Delimiting surveys are essential for precise mapping of BBTV in the country to implement control measures.


BBTV in Mozambique

Fig 1. Indication of BBTV infected farms in Guija and Chokwe districts in Gaza province of Mozambique



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IPPC 2016. Confirmation of occurrence of Banana Bunch Top Disease (BBTV) in Mozambique (see on 20 April 2019)

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