BBTV in South Africa

In South Africa, incidence of BBTD spread is not as pronounced as it is in other parts of Africa. The first survey that was carried out on BBTD was in 1996 and it was confirmed absent in the kiepersol region of Mpumalanga Province (Pietersen et al., 1996). In 2016 the first report of BBTD was reported in South Africa (Jooste et al., 2016; Ximba et al., 2021). Virus was confirmed in the 5 disease suspected plants from cv. Williams in June 2015, in the virology diagnostics laboratory at the Agricultural Research Council-plant Protection Research (ARC-PPR). The plants originated from a farm close to Hibberdene in the KwaZulu Natal South Coast production region (GPS coordinates: S 300 30, 636’, E 300 30,653’). The need to do extensive surveys for the presence of BBTV in other banana production regions in South Africa is highlighted by this finding.

Fig 1. Location of BBTV infected field site in South Africa.

Fig 1. Location of BBTV infected field site in South Africa.



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